7 Ways to Maximize Your Workstation at Home | Darlene Bailey

7 Ways to Maximize Your Workstation at Home

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School season has officially begun for many and you know what that means - the itch to organize is in full swing! Whether you're working from home or dreaming up a temporary classroom for your kiddos, finding ways to create a reliable workspace that maximizes functionality has never been more important.

Here are 7 ways to maximize home workstations:

It starts on the surface

Whether you've invested in a desk or a portable lap table, having a reliable surface space is key to getting in the zone.

Think vertically

Shelving is your friend! Having that space to place frequently used items will help you keep things organized yet within reach.

Embrace color

There's a reason classrooms have colorful décor everywhere you look - it's stimulating! Start by hanging some artwork, propping up your favorite framed photos, or put up wallpaper to visually block off spaces and create interest.

A place for everything and everything has its place

Think drawers, cubbies, etc. Remember those shelves and desks we mentioned? This dynamic trio is guaranteed to save you space and create a harmonious workspace!

"We gotta keep 'em separated"

Maybe you have extra space in your closet or there's that corner of the room you've never been sure how to decorate. Wherever it may be, getting creative with a designated space is vital in being able to keep work and life separate!

Light it up

Natural lighting is wonderful, but for those not so bright spots, lighting is key! Desk lamps are great to get by with but installing any overhead lighting should be left to the professionals.

Screens are friends, not foes

If you don't have a monitor at home, fear not - your TV can do the job! Consider creating a workstation around the placement of your TV.

With these simple steps, you can create a workstation that keeps you organized and inspired!